aluminum alloy

Aluminum is a metal with low strength and good plasticity. In addition to the application of some pure aluminum, in order to improve the strength or comprehensive performance, it is made into an alloy. Adding an alloying element to aluminum can change its structure and properties, making it suitable for various processing materials or casting parts. Alloying elements that are often added are copper, magnesium, zinc, silicon

Aluminum profile is a kind of metal raw material widely used in modern industry, construction industry and other fields. The reason why it has such a wide application space is mainly related to its own superior performance.

The advantages of aluminum profiles are as follows:

1. Compared with other commonly used metals, aluminum profiles have low density and light weight. The density is only 2.70g/cubic centimeter, which is 1/3 of copper or iron. There is no need to consider the required load-bearing capacity during use.

2. In the production process of aluminum profiles, two processes of hot and cold are used, which have strong corrosion resistance.

3. Aluminum profiles have good ductility, and can be made into light alloys with many metal elements, with excellent materials.

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