We are committed to providing professional magnesium and magnesium alloy products and quality services for global magnesium customers.

Our Product Competitiveness

Scale Advantage

Our magnesium metal production is based on 40000 tons of hardware configuration, and the actual output reaches 35000 tons. Therefore, if the market experiences a boom, we can rely on our large-scale production capacity to protect our customers from market risks and complete the smooth delivery guarantee. Guarantee the market delivery and downstream orders of customers.

Cost Advantage

Our management teams are all professional teams with more than ten years of experience in magnesium smelting and management. We have our own technical achievements and experience in the technical improvement and production cost control of Pijiang process magnesium smelting. In addition, we are located in the north-south hub of China’s logistics and the back of the mine, forming a natural logistics transportation distance and cost advantage. The control of production cost and the improvement of production quality are among the first in the industry. The production management and operation are mature and stable, with strong competitiveness and development potential.

Brand Advantage

We have established a lasting and stable strategic partnership with well-known international and domestic enterprises (including Rio Tinto, Alcoa, Hydro, Elkem, Russia United Aluminum, Egypt Aluminum, Dubai Aluminum, Bahrain Aluminum, South Africa Walter Aluminum, Novalis, Maredin, Chinalco, Baoti, Jiarui, Yi’an Technology, and Bailide). The certification of customers in the production field and market that we have obtained is the industry advantages and resources formed through a long time of efforts, and also reflects the continuous and mature connection of logistics, quality, trustworthiness and service between us and front-line customers in the industry.

Quality Advantage

Our magnesium metal products have a wide range and strong advantages in the current magnesium metal industry, and the brand value of the industry is at stake.

In 2006, it took the lead in passing ISO9001 quality management system certification, occupational health management system and environmental protection management system certification; Passed the certification of EU Reach regulations on November 30, 2010; In 2012, it won the Best Strategic Partner Award for Rio Tinto Global Suppliers; In 2013, it won the Best Quality Nomination and Best Service Nomination Awards for Rio Tinto Global Suppliers; In 2014, it passed the German TUV T/S16949 authoritative quality certification; In 2015, it became a strategic partner of Meridian.

Magnesium ingot and Magnesium alloy

About Us

The CANADA MAGNESIUM INC. is committed to provide the most professional magnesium and magnesium alloy products and quality services for global customers.

We take continuous improvement of customer satisfaction as our goal and guidance; we have a professional, international service team formed by our staff throughout Asia, America, Australia, Europe. We stand upon the security of our customer’s supply chain and logistics chain. We provide our customers with one-stop service from factory to your door. We have a team of experienced quality engineers, who work closely with the technicians in our factory and take our customers’ demands as top priority, so as to improve customer satisfaction to the best extent.

We have a professional team with more than ten years of experience in magnesium smelting and management. We have our own technical achievements and experience in improving the technology of magnesium smelting by Pidgeon process and controlling the production cost, especially in controlling the impurity elements of silicon, aluminum, manganese and iron.

Customer Message

provides not only the product, but also the services .Now we have gained many positive comments and honors from our respected customers

This cooperation is very pleasant, and we look forward to working together again!
Aada Laine
Knowing that your company specializes in magnesium alloy products, we would like to establish a business relationship with you.
Caitlynn Potts
We are very satisfied with your cooperation attitude and products.
Alisa Hester

Industry Information

Our products are used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, light industry, agriculture and animal husbandry and other fields.