With natural dolomite ore as the main raw material, under the action of mineralizer, dolomite is crushed into qualified materials (30-40mm) by a crusher, sintered in a rotary kiln, calcined into calcined white, calcined dolomite is crushed and screened into 1-8mm and 1-4mm particles, cooled by a cooler, ground into powder by a ball mill, and then pressed into balls by a ball press. After crushing, it is mixed with ferrosilicon powder (containing 75% silicon) and fluorite powder (containing GaF2)=95% to form pellets, It is put into a heat-resistant stainless steel reduction tank, placed in a reduction furnace, and reduced at 1200-1250C and 1.33Pa vacuum to produce crude magnesium. After solvent refining, ingot casting, and surface treatment, the finished magnesium ingot is obtained.

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