Magnesium Industry Development

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Global magnesium resources are abundant and widely distributed. Magnesium alloy has good light weight, machinability, corrosion resistance, shock absorption, dimensional stability and impact resistance, etc., which are far superior to other materials. Metal magnesium and its alloys will have important application prospects in the future. The world’s magnesium The industry will still maintain rapid development, and China will still be the main supplier of magnesium in the world. In 2013, China canceled tariffs on magnesium and magnesium alloys, which greatly promoted the export of magnesium alloys, and domestic and foreign magnesium alloy application companies also benefited from it.

Magnesium alloy is currently the most ideal lightweight structural material for automobiles and motorcycles, and an ideal material for 3C product casings. Thanks to the transformation and upgrading of the global automobile industry and 3C industries and the significant improvement in China’s economic status, the magnesium alloy industry has made the market look good. All countries attach great importance to the development of the field of magnesium alloys. my country’s “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” magnesium alloy development trend puts forward the general goal: to make full use of the advantages of magnesium resources in my country, follow the general trend of energy saving and low-carbon economy, and take technological breakthroughs as the traction. Improve the technical level of magnesium materials, promote the development of magnesium applications in my country, transform resource advantages into technical and economic advantages, and promote the rapid development of magnesium alloy applications.

At present, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Yunhai Metal and other institutions in the industry are investing more in research and development, and some of their technologies have reached the world’s advanced level. But at the same time, in the face of unpredictable changes in the international market, China’s magnesium industry is facing both opportunities and challenges. According to the 2012 Magnesium Industry Development Report, it points out the main problems currently affecting the development of China’s magnesium industry:
1. The overall industrial competitiveness is not high. Magnesium smelting and processing lacks large-scale enterprises with international competitiveness (especially lack of state-owned enterprises). Lack of integrated technology for the production of advanced magnesium alloy products, recycling technology and material replacement design technology, it is difficult for a single technology to achieve product scale and form competitiveness.
2. Low industrial concentration. The number of smelting and processing enterprises is large, the scale is small, the layout is scattered, the level of technical equipment is uneven, and there is a lack of professional and technical personnel.

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