Aluminum Alloy Radiator Profile


The common features of aluminum alloy radiator are with many teeth, large tongue ratio and large extrusion pressure for teeth, the die is easy to fracture at the root of the tooth, and the difference between wall thickness is too large to form.

The types of radiator aluminum profiles we can produce include: electronic/electrical/computer radiator aluminum profiles, solar flower aluminum profiles radiator, power semiconductor radiator profiles, etc. Aluminum radiator is widely used in machinery, automobile, wind power generation, engineering machinery, air compressor, railway locomotive, household appliances and other industries due to its superior performance.

We provide one-stop services from aluminum alloy research and development, mold design, extrusion production, deep processing and surface treatment. We have the production capacity of a variety of 1-7 series aluminum alloy profiles. Our main products include industrial, aluminum alloy radiator, solar photovoltaic profiles, aluminum shells, motor shells, industrial cylinders, new energy automotive materials, multi specification general profiles (aluminum tubes), bars, plates and other special-shaped profiles for custom processing.


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